Our outdoor snow solutions

The production of artificial snow in all temperatures

Climate change is causing a lack of snow cover in low and medium altitude ski resorts. This deficit impacts the mountain economy (11 billion euros in France). For 15 years, the different teams that make up WeSnow have been developing a revolutionary snowmaking system. This system operates at positive temperature, and makes it possible to overcome climatic conditions. This is the CCS (Climate Connected Solution) system.

Our range of all-weather snow guns

Our machines are manufactured and assembled in our workshops in Challes-les-Eaux
near Chambery. We offer 3 powers of snow machines:

Ice machine
Characteristics of snow canons

Our 15 years of experience in the field of pneumatic snow conveying has led us to increase the number of outlets to avoid material jams and thus optimize production. Several pipes also make it possible to better distribute the volumes of snow and limit the action of damage equipment. GTC (Centralized Technical Management) is the nervous system of our devices. This interface, developed in our offices, allows you to manually, automatically or remotely manage the different phases of our manufacturing process. For a better integration into the landscape, the envelope of our snow guns is made of flat insulated panels which can be delivered with specific colors or decorations.