With its new range of snow guns, WeSnow is making its environmental contribution.

It is obvious today that we must all act to preserve our beautiful planet.

Industrial and citizens,, we are aware of the urgent need to fight against global warming. At our level, this translates into a drastic reduction in our CO² emissions.

Energy saving

Our team has transposed the principle of the heat pump to our snow machines.

When producing snow, our snow machine deliver double the energy used in the form of hot water at 35 ° C.

This heat is used to heat buildings.

In short, if your buildings are electrically heated, our process will halve your bill and your electricity consumption while producing snow.


Our equipment is equipped with self-cleaning filters which allow the use of different sources of supply; existing lake, domestic network or snowmaking network. The water supply for our technology does not require heavy VRD works.

Integration into the landscape

Unlike the first generation of snow guns, which came in the form of sea containers, our new range of flat panels container allows camouflage decors to be affixed to them which make the sets more discreet in the landscape.

The virtuous practices of WeSnow

We have opted for a fleet of plug-in hybrid vehicles. Some of our employees therefore carry out their daily journeys only on electric mode with recharging in the company car park.